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Catering Logistics

“Good to eat, and wholesome to digest” is one of the very nicest things about life especially when we regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating? Such is the respect to food when you experiment the kitchen at Al Razan Group Hotel Management



Our recipe to a tasty kitchen is devoted to create, organize and produce social and institutional events as needed by government agencies, private companies and individuals, always offering attractive prices and creating positive memorable experiences.



Everybody loves good food! And while the Food & Beverage Industry grows in leaps and bounds annually, hurtling way past the billion dollar mark, it’s also undeniably a highly competitive market with far too many outlets. That is why it’s extremely crucial to start right with the right expertise with all the ‘restaurant secrets’ cooked into your formula of success! Just like any viable commercial enterprise, market research is a wise and necessary approach as step one towards determining the right concept and location for your new restaurant. It is a vital necessity to understand market trends when you invest in a lucrative business opportunity such as the hospitality industry. Our team moves forward only after we gauge and ascertain what the market lacks and what the current trend and consumer demand. This determines if your venture should be the next pizza place in town, a trendy sushi outlet, a European cafe? A juice bar, cake & dessert haven or is the market craving and ready for a healthy salad place?


Our Entrepreneurial Services

Catering logistics offers a large variety of entrepreneurial services.


Breakfast, Luncheon and Dinner Parties

  • In this area, we offer the best quality and catering service in Ballrooms, Gardens or Museums as required by the event you will be hosting.

  • Formal with four courses, lounge type, Buffets, Theme Parties, Yacht Parties.



Entrepreneurial Executive

  • Meetings we have delivery service for events conducted inside or outside of your company premises. Coffee service, Box Lunches, Cocktail Parties.


Launching of Products and/or Services

  •  We can help you create, organize and produce your event.

  •  Invitations, press conferences, product launching.


Conferences, Conventions and Expos

  • We have wide experience with the best service providers. Booths, coordination, logistics and execution integration events.

  •  We know how important human resources are for a company and thus, we have different integration options.


Let’s mix varied ingredients to create a successful recipe for us and you.

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