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General Management

We recognize that hotels are a relatively unique form of property investment. The value of any hotel depends not only on the bricks and mortar but also on the active management of the business. Our general hospitality management services encompass resources and capabilities allocated and directed to meet the special needs of each hotel in the most cost effective manner.

  • Hotel and Resort Management [pre-opening and Operational Management].

  • Construction Management.

  • Hotel Renovation Project Management.

  • Feasibility Studies.

  • Pre-opening and take-over project coordination.

  • Quality Control.

  • Health & Hygiene Control.

  • Research Services

  • Hospitality Management Recruitment.

  • Procurement Services.

Operational Management System

The fundamental philosophy behind the OMS is to launch a property in a logical sequence that builds the appropriate knowledge and skills required for project completion and execution; “A comprehensive manual to help a hotel through the pre-opening, installation process to sustainability”.

  • Establish minimum Standards required in a Hotel.

  • Instate Quality and consistent Service.

  • Maintain quality and service.

  • Achieve unified Quality and Service in all Hotels by all Employees.

  • Reflect Brand Integrity and Image.

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