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Our Brands

In creating and establishing our own distinctive brands, we have gained unique experience in brand mobility. The process of brand building and engagement of markets with new or re-invented assets is a skill that presents immense scope for our assets, services and business partners. In business development we recognize no frontiers.

Al Razan Hotels & Resorts

Grand Razan

Is the luxury scion of our established Al Razan Group branded properties.

Luxurious styling, high service standards, superior amenities and considerate locations all serve the discerning international corporate and leisure traveler. Grand Palm cater to guests seeking the epitome of style, culture, art and comfort. As havens of tranquil elegance and gracious hospitality, Grand Palm are designed for discerning modern international travelers with each hotel offering five - star luxury and service.

Razan Hotel 

Razan Hotel Is upscale executive properties set in landmark locations within major international gateway cities and prominent business settings around the world. It offers travelers comfortable, stylish and attractive surroundings that reflect the regional character of their geographical location. Business and leisure travelers alike return time and again to Palm Hotel for the outstanding facilities and level of service. Palm Hotel defines the best in timeless elegance and luxury with outstanding decor and world class facilities.

Razan Residence 

Razan Residence Is another name of the high class comfort anyone looking during travelling and business purpose.


Palm Residence is conveniently located within major cities to make the most of surrounding visitor attraction and nearby business district.


Razan Express

Razan Express are mid-scale properties in major regional business centers.


A well-established, highly respected brand Globally, Palm Express have major in recognition of their high quality, excellent service and distinctive style of operation.


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