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Our Company

Palm Hotel


Palm Hotel was under Al Razan Group management until October 2019


Baghdad International Airport Hotel



BIAH was under Al Razan Group management until October 2019.


Basra International Airport Hotel


Basra was known as the Venice of the East because the elegant 19th-century houses lining its canals.

This lush island that is located across from the Shatt Al Arab offers adequate space for strolls and family picnics.Basra also remains the main seaport for large commercial ships, tankers and traditional dhows.

Palm Jet


PALM JET was established to meet a growing need throughout the aviation industry worldwide for a flight support services provider that could offer a totally reliable professional and high quality service across the entire range of flight operations requirements.

Vip Terminal


Our main objective is to provide luxurious service and satisfaction to the VIP passengers.

Since the comfortable and satisfaction of the passengers are our priority and you’re as well, so we believe that we can achieve the goal together, our new FBO is located in Baghdad international airport.

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