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Restaurant Management

If you have the passion to start, the desire to serve community with excellent market offerings, the will to work hard & learn, the ambition to grow and make a change, you have the entrepreneurial spirit & we have the tools & skills to get you what you want! If you are interested to invest in a lucrative business opportunity in the Food and Beverage Industry then you’ve reached an excellent investor. 


Let’s face it, many of us have looked at busy successful food outlets, visited nice cafes, eaten at swanky restaurants and dreamed of owning one ourselves one day. While dreaming alone does not guarantee success. maybe you feel that owning your own restaurant requires a lot of hard work, understanding of the business, getting a good location, having excellent food, professional staff, systems and a lot of expertise in running the day to day operations!…’re right.


Let our team of experts’ guide you in setting the perfect ambience and helping you indulge in the most tasty menus from across the Globe.


We have fine-tuned the successful tried and tested combination of launching successful restaurants for many dynamic entrepreneurs over the last 4 years. We help entrepreneurs like you, turn your dream into reality by providing you with a turn-key solution to owning and operating successful food outlets in multiple locations. We work for you! right from restaurant start up and business plans, concept, location analysis, restaurant design and fit out, restaurant menu engineering and kitchen equipment’s sourcing, pos and management systems, hiring the right staff and providing you with standard operation manuals to run your business like international standard franchise units.


When we say ‘turn-key project’ we provide you with not just the key to unlock the doors to your new and ready restaurant but valuable secrets to keeping those doors open! Every business is a challenge. As restaurant managers, our job is to help you take on this challenge, geared to succeed.


We give you the tools and know-how, backed with tried and tested systems to generate more sales, create award winning and service oriented F&B experiences and yet have the time to have a personal life! We help you understand the best practical way to launch your business model that will transform the way you do business, by transforming you!



The learning process of entrepreneurs is a never-ending journey that can be fulfilling and rewarding when you receive the right direction and support from us.


Don’t know where to start? if we’ve convinced you of the need for a professional operations manual but don’t have the time or experience to create your own, just talk to the chefs at Al Razan Group and rest assured we will cook up the a tasty restaurant for you to indulge in.

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